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Field Survey WApp

Field Survey WApp
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Field Survey WApp

Giá cũ: 50 VND

Đơn Giá: 10 VND

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Lĩnh vực áp dụng nhiều nhất: Real Estate, Construction
Tính năng: An app for a site manager to manage projects by inputting data via a convenient form.

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The Field Survey app can be used by workers at a job site to capture information about the jobs being performed. The form allows for simple data collection at a worksite, with or without Internet connection. It also enables users to input signatures in order to sign off on the recorded information. The app also features the ability to capture images.

We created this app using a spreadsheet with several columns that pertain to the questions asked in the form. Many questions are Yes/No questions. The form uses the “Show” Field Type to create a new page for the next set of questions.

1. The Yes/No question types can be specified in the Advanced Editor > Data > Column Structure.

2. You’ll notice we used the “Show” type for page breaks. You can use the Show type to indicate you’d like the form to move on to the next page for the subsequent questions.

3. Our Image columns activated the Image Field Type and appropriately displayed the images in the app. The app allows for image capture in the field.

4. A Phone column activated the Phone type in the Editor and appropriately displayed the corresponding call and text icons in the app— this allows the worker to contact the company for which construction is being performed if necessary.

5. We utilized two views in our app: one for a simple list of jobs with corresponding images, and a gallery image that allows workers to scroll through larger job images rather than the list.

6. We included a workflow rule that sends an email to the site manager each time there is an update to the accident (falls) field.



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Check this app with ID Worldgroup: ( ***Note: You can not check this application if you do not have ID Worldgroup. But don't worry if you don't have an ID worldgroup. At the end of the article we have more example photos of applications for you to visualize).


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